Sunday, 6 March 2016


 Well, all the pages are now sewn into the cover.  The cover is another commercial dragonfly print which I think has a sort of Japanese look to it. The lining is my hand dyed cotton and I made a twisted cord with various embroidery yarns in colours to match the print. The beads are some rather cheap nasty plastic ones, but they suited the colour scheme perfectly and kept in with the idea of not buying anything new for this project. The beads are threaded onto the cord at the spine and I have sewn them into place on the fabric.
 I tried making little tassels for the ends of the cords, but they didn't work out very well, so I have just used the ends of the twisted cord and glued more beads in place. I sewed a matching bead to look like a closure, it's purely decorative, although I could sew a snap fastener under it perhaps.
 The cover overlaps the signatures, so that it's all wrapped up neatly, protecting the edges of the pages.
 With the cover fully open. It was quite difficult to sew the in dividual signatures into the cover as I chose to do it using the sewing machine and not hand stitching. I used a zipper foot to get as close to the centre of the pages as possible, but it really was a bit tricky.
With the back cover fully opened out. I might fuse something onto this area, but I quite liked the pattern of the hand dyed cloth on its own.


Mary said...

Congratulations! It looks great. And I really like the calm last page.

mycamerandme365 said...

Thanks Mary, I think that I do too!