Monday, 21 March 2016

Dinosaurs in Town.

 The long awaited Jurassic World exhibition has come to Melbourne Museum and our family group of 6 were amongst the first to see..................and hear the show. This display is located outside the museum entrance and shows a shipping crate that supposedly held the 4 dinosaurs prancing about on top and beside it.
 I rather think that had these 4 been confined to such a crate, there might have only been 1 left after a very short time!
The animatronics of the dinosaurs in the exhibition are extraordinarily good, no sounds of creaking machinery like the ones that I saw quite a few years ago. These move in a very life like way and the species like T Rex really scared some of the smaller visitors as it moved out of the dark into the light, roaring and attempting to tip over a truck on the way. We all enjoyed the morning, young and old alike!

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