Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Next Few Pages.

 Once upon a time I did a lot of digitizing with my Bernina sewing computer and was left with a bag of trial runs and 'not quite right' samples. What an opportunity to use some of them in this book! The 4 stitched flowers are all free standing motifs that I've sewn to the book pages, which are a double page spread, hence the appliqued plant right in the middle.
                This is the back of the pages above which doesn't need to be a full page spread.
 This is another couple of back pages, a very busy commercial print that didn't need much at all to add to it. I had a couple of hand made silk butterflies in a good bright blue that fitted in quite well.
Inside the cover above, another couple of samples of my digitizing that weren't quite right. They are actually mayflies, but as close relations to dragonflies I though that I'd use them anyway. The large butterfly is also a digitized sample, one of 4, so I have another 3 to find spots for further into the book. Hand dyed fabric of course!

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