Monday, 8 February 2016

First Signature.

 This is the first day of working on the book and I was very happy to have finished the first signature.
Here is the combined back and front of the signature, but unfortunately I made a silly mistake, a change of mind that I didn't make allowances for. I decided to 'bag out' the double book pages and forgot to add extra for the seam allowances.  The proto type book has zigzag stitches joining the 2 edges, so each page is an A5 size, mine of course are smaller and as a consequence I have had to cut the paper pages smaller.
 When agreeing to make the book I took the decision to only use what is in my stash, both the dyed and commercial fabrics, but also the ready Vliesofixed (Bondaweb) motifs and anything else that was left over from previous projects, eg the lily flower and pad.
 This is the inside with pages on the left and right, hand dyed fabric with iron on motifs left over from other projects and some stamping along the bottom edge.
 I found that I had some beautiful hand made paper with embedded foliage in it, something that I had been hording for decades, so I decided that the time had come to use it. Unfortunately I had to trim the edges, but did tear them rather than cutting, to preserve the hand made look.
           The fabric page facing the paper page, which I have temporarily sewn together.
 The grasses on the right are a sun print on silk which is very delicate and allows the vegetation in the paper to show through. On the left is a gelatine print and fabric butterfly.
 The image on the left is fabric which I had adhered to the paper, on a page that had no obvious foliage in it, the image on the left is a gelatine print.
             More paper pages with gelatine prints, a home made stamp and a fabric butterfly.
                         Another silk sun print and more left overs ironed onto the hand dyed fabric.
The back of the signature with the commercial dragonfly fabric, screen printed nasturtiums and left over butterfly and beetle. More pages tomorrow I hope.

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