Sunday, 7 February 2016

At the Start.

 You may have been wondering about my preoccupation with dragonfly images of late, well a group of us decided to make a cloth and paper book, and in preparation we all chose themes.  Mine was dragonflies. This above is my collection of commercial dragonfly printed fabrics.
 Part of the aim of the project was to use up some of our stash of not only commercial fabrics but hand dyed ones too, as well as anything else that fits in with the them and will embellish the pages of the book. Here are some of my hand dyed fabrics that I will use for the cloth book pages.
Here are the fabrics and paper prints of the dragonflies that I will start out with, adding other bits and pieces as I go along.


Mary said...

Hmm, I remember having quite a few of them. I must look in my stash to see if I still have them. Not that I particularly want to do a dragonfly thing, just to go down memory lane.

mycamerandme365 said...

Always good to go through the stash, you never know what you might find!