Monday, 18 January 2016


This piece that I was working on way back in the middle of the year, now almost forgotten by me, has been chosen as 'Print of the Month' by the Firestation Print Studio. Here is a link back to the work in  progress last year Here. (you will need to scroll about halfway down) And here is a link to the wonderful Firestation  Print Studio. Here  The work was exhibited in a shop front as part of the City of Stonington Glo Festival and then it went to London with a whole lot of other prints to be exhibited there. Those prints have found their way home again, as have the post cards from The North and South' that were exhibited in Japan. Here Mine is the Palms, to the right of the lovely Seahorse second bottom row. The management of the Firestation Print Studio are to be commended for presenting so many wonderful opportunities to their members.

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