Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Mrs Spider still Weaving.

 I've taken so many photos of our resident spider, trying to get a good image. Mostly because she is busy spinning, she and the web are jiggling around and the photos are blurred. I don't know what happened to the web in the upper and lower left of this picture, probably insects flew into it and broke some strands. 
 Here on another night she hasn't quite finished spinning. I thought that she went from the outside into the centre in one continuous movement, but by watching her over several night, it appears that she does the outside few centimetres and then widely spaced rows closer in and then goes back and fills in the gaps.
Amazing that she remakes the web every night, having eaten it all before she goes off and hides for the day. We're getting very fond of Mrs Spider, rushing out from 9 pm each night so see how she's getting on!

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