Monday, 25 January 2016

More Dye Play.

 Although this is very pale, the different layers of the batik type dyeing with soy wax can just be seen.
Also to be seen are the blobs where I couldn't control the wax sufficiently at the start and end of the designs.!
 Again the layers can be seen as well as the blobby start to the diagonal squiggles. There are 3 layers of dye and wax in this piece but it's hard to make last colour out clearly, perhaps you can see it by clicking on the image and enlarging it. This piece of fabric and the one above were both done on very fine voile cloth, so perhaps that accounts for the paleness of the printing.
I love this effect, though I'm not at all sure when I would use fabric patterned in this way.  Perhaps if I use more earthy colours next time.

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