Friday, 15 January 2016

A Couple of Days in the Country.

 What a lovely spot for a café! This is the view from the café attached to the Benalla Art Gallery in North East Victoria where we had coffee and a delicious lemon tart for morning tea. The art works on display were pieces by prominent and not so well known women artists, including indigenous women painters.
 Back to home territory and a walk across the paddocks with the dog on a lovely cool and sunny day.
I just love this old tree ! I always pause to put my hands on the trunk whenever I pass. In a previous run of drought years it threw out masses of seed in an attempt to pass on its genes if it died through lack of water.  The seed all fell in a circle around the tree and as a large number of the seeds germinated, the tree is now in the middle of a ring of saplings, a magic circle!
 Here is the tree nearly 3 years ago and if you look carefully you can see the blue-grey seedlings all around it in a  circle.

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