Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Lino and Gel.

 Today I decided to use my trusty lino cut with the Gelli Plate, just to see what sort of prints I could get.  The original one above looks quite delicate, almost like chintz fabric, but a bit wishy washy for what I wanted.
    This one above is the same print inverted in Photoshop, what a difference! I really like this effect.
        This is different print, O. K but not exciting.  The inversion didn't improve it either.
This one has many different layers, but again the inversion was not appealing. Perhaps these bland ones would benefit from some hand outlining with a metallic pen.


Mary said...

I love the way you play with your images in Photoshop but I am also a bit mystified about what you do with them then, and why you do it. Can you give an explanation please? Is it just to show you what could be done, to give you inspiration for other techniques, or to get some digitally printed fabric?
I also play with some images and love the effects you can get but, so far, I haven't actually used the images.

mycamerandme365 said...

Thanks Mary, I'm always looking for interesting effects to use on fabric as backgrounds for free motion embroidered pieces. I'm usually involved in a several exhibitions throughout the year, so I like to have work in progress for these. Being involved in textile and printmaking means that there is always something that I need to be thinking about for the next exhibition. I love the process but I'm not particularly focussed on the outcome. Just working in the same way all the time would bore me to tears! I hope I have answered your question adequately.

Mary said...

Thanks, I think it is a bit clearer. I guess you play around with it to see what happens, then go from there. That sounds a fairly free way to go. It is also good to have the exhibitions to focus your ideas. Good luck with them.