Sunday, 27 December 2015

Another Few Hours of Play.

                                           Definitely better without the solid bar at the top.

 I thought that it might be interesting to make a reverse plate from the lino cut. I used very thin wood which I sealed with 3 coats of varnish, then spread a thin layer of moulding paste onto the board when the varnish was completely dry.
  I think that I should have left the moulding paste to dry a little longer, as the result is very textured where the 2 plates were pulled apart.
 A great deal of the moulding paste ended up attached to the lino; I should definitely have left the paste to dry more. However, it couldn't have been too dry or I wouldn't get the result that I was looking for.
 The resulting textures are quite interesting, but the paste must have been lower in the middle as it is hard to get a print without a blank spot there.
These prints might make good backgrounds somewhere down the track, or I could just use the more interesting parts of them.

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