Friday, 16 October 2015

Exhibition Up!

 As of last night our exhibition is up and running. With just the 2 of us exhibiting, we managed to put together over 40 pieces of art, a third of which is fine botanical art and the other two thirds is textile and mixed media.
 The gallery is part of an old church complex and has some very pretty stained glass windows, however it is almost impossible to photograph art work covered with glass as there are reflections where ever you turn.
             The distance shots work better, but of course you can't see much of the exhibits.
 With so many pieces to display we ran out of wall space, but I think that the plinths work quite well anyway.  I did notice one person down on the floor trying to see the stitching on the small piece at the back left in this photo!
                Here are 3 beetles and a butterfly, reflecting the theme of the exhibition very well.
Now that is quite a big refection! We had a good crowd for the opening, but only sold 4 pieces, so I hope that the next 2 weeks prove to be more lucrative.


Anonymous said...

All looking very elegant in a lovely space. Wish I could see it for real.
I hope it continues to go well.

mycamerandme365 said...

It is a lovely space Dorothy, the light is excellent with the stained glass adding that little bit of colour.

Carol McFee said...

A really lovely exhibition Sue, the work looks good in such a nice space.

mycamerandme365 said...

Thanks Carol, it's a lovely little gallery.