Sunday, 13 September 2015


 I just love Gazanias, their shapes and their many colour variations, added to which they are easy to grow.
    All of these I actually grew from seed, and it's taken a couple of years for them to flower.
 Well worth the wait, as I can now move pieces to other parts of the garden, knowing if they are to go in the pink flowering area or the orange, yellow, red area.
                                                         The variations are amazing!
                            Even the less striking markings are beautiful when seen up close.
                                  Perhaps I need to grow more seed for even more variations!


Mary said...

Not being a gardener, I can just admire the beauty and hope that you are able to propagate many more.
We have some gorgeous flowers in our garden but I must admit to leaving the planning and planting to another member of the household.

mycamerandme365 said...

I just love their combinations of colour, gaudy in fact, but so cheerful.
As long as someone nurtures the garden it really doesn't matter who!