Thursday, 27 August 2015

Sailor Woodpecker!

 Whilst sitting in the ship's library we noticed a bird come down and sit on one of the many hanks of rope that are needed to hoist and take down the huge number of sails on the ship.
 I had my trusty camera with me of course and managed to get several nice photos through the glass window of the library.  I was later able to identify the bird as a Greater Spotted Woodpecker, or in this case a rope pecker.  Now what on earth, or sea, was it doing out on the Baltic?
 It was very difficult to get photos of the sails all up when on board and they were taken down whenever we were in port, but this is one angle that I rather liked.
 I don't think that they ever managed to put the final top sail on this mast out, it was hair raising enough watching the crew walking out along the lower ones, let alone that top sail.
This is the bridge, where all the 'driving' is done. There was even more' machinery' behind me and also masses down below in the engine room, which we were invited to visit. It was just too crowded to take photos unfortunately.

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