Sunday, 5 July 2015

Printing Session.

 At last I have had a chance to carry out the next step in my current project. Using the full page feather gelatine plate prints that I made, I have stamped with the block that I cut some time ago and also with the thermofax screen that I burnt with my Gocco machine more recently.
    These are the only ones that I felt had potential, but the smaller dance'rs foot just wouldn't print.
 Drawing it in with a pen was an option, but I would rather that it printed in the same density as the rest of the print.
Wouldn't you know it, the one background that I really liked and wanted to use is no good, I didn't place the final print in the correct position!!!


Mary said...

They look good. Maybe you can use all of your prints, or parts of them, and then your favourite won't look wrong.
What are you planning to make?

mycamerandme365 said...

Thanks Mary.
Maybe I'll use some of them later on, but I need one good 15cm x 15cm print for the Glo Winter Arts Festival in August.