Monday, 4 May 2015

Great Gardening Weather.

 We're experiencing lovely sunny Autumn weather at the moment, although it is officially winter.
                                 The Broad Beans are up as is the row of carrots to the right.
 We are already picking small pea pods for salads from this crop. More carrots are sown down the middle of the bed.
                                         Broccoli and broad leaf parsley in here with celery beyond.
You may be wondering why the cages are necessary in the city. Well the birds and possums still live here, and so do the rats. The birds and possums can't get into the crops, but the rats eat holes in the  side netting and still get in. I lost 30 brassica seedlings over one weekend recently when we weren't here. They were all interesting varieties of vegetables and not only that, I had grown them from seed. I was not happy!!!!

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