Saturday, 14 February 2015

Final print.

       Apart from trying a little bit of water colour on the flower petals, I'm finished with this project.
I have decided to 'hang the expense' and buy fresh lino for cutting in future, this was just too hard to get a smooth line.  Still, the rough outlines sort of suit the subject, a very rough bush plant, although the wild variety is white, not the pale pink that I intend to paint this one.


Anonymous said...

Looking good Sue. how do you get on with the new synthetic 'lino' ?

mycamerandme365 said...

I haven't tried it yet Mary. I certainly prefer the Soft Cut white rubbery stuff to old hard lino!

Mary said...

I was told a trick to make the lino softer, put it in your back pocket, or sit on it, while you are getting ready and that will soften it. I have tried it and it works a bit but I still prefer the soft cut stuff.
Your image looks lovely.