Monday, 5 January 2015

Return to the Spirals.

 I started working with this spiral image some months ago, but have continued on with it again this year.  While I wanted to sun print the whole image, the idea was to only use part of each one.
 If have seen my previous work in the Blog with this image, you will remember that I played around in Photoshop with the original large spiral, copying and pasting various sizes of the image together.
                                                     This above is a 4 x copy and paste.
                                               Again, a detail of the above 4 times image.
 The photos seem to have got out of order, but no matter, this above is a detail of the positive and negative section of part of the original image magnified. Getting complicated isn't it?
I'm staying with the 3 main colours, teal, burnt orange and sepia, but I may add another for more contrast at a later date.

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