Saturday, 4 October 2014


 The sun shone beautifully for most of the day, although I did run out of direct sunlight by about 4 pm when I still had some more samples that I wanted to try.

Here I sprinkled salt onto the fabric after the ferns were in place.  Looks a bit like a starry sky or something. I just wanted more texture than the flat colour.
 I thought that I could use the sun light streaming through the windows into my work room, but after several rather dismal prints I tried putting the tests outside and the result was very much better.

 This is using a negative that I made in various sizes from a photo that I took a few weeks back of the cut surface of a tree fern trunk. It's a fascinating image that I know I will return to again and again.
 I like the effect of 2 different colours blended into the one print.  I'll certainly try more of this technique.
 A negative made from a slab of stone with what appears to be a fossil in it, but I have been reliably informed that it is actually a pattern made by water seeping into cracks in the rocks. Who knows, but it looks like fern to me!
                     This is a negative again made from a photo of a huge old banksia cone.


Mary said...

You are inspiring me with your negatives! I will have to have a play around with Photoshop - and then work out how to print them onto film. We have an inkjet printer, I seem to remember using the wrong film in the past and just getting ink that never dried, a lesson in reading the instructions carefully!
I love the fern trunk pattern and I have always loved grass seeds. Thanks for the inspiration.

mycamerandme365 said...

Thanks Mary, I did that too with the film. However I have found out that there is a right and wrong side to print on. You print on the rough side and the ink dries, print on the shiny side and it never does. Some packets don't tell you that.