Sunday, 21 September 2014

The end is in Sight.

I have just started, or at least spent a few hours working on the quilting of the kaleidoscope quilt.
As a non-quilter I have found it pretty demanding, especially fitting the whole thing through the machine. I have no idea how people would wrestle a Queen size quilt through a domestic sewing machine, or even a double one for that matter. Now I have run out of the right coloured thread, so once I get some more I should be able to finish the quilting. Then of course comes the binding. The quilt police will definitely be waiting to nab me as a result of this project, it's pretty rough and ready, but as it's not going on public display I'm not worried, I just want to finish it!


Anonymous said...

Looking good Sue. Bet you will be glad to see it all done and dusted now. :-)

mycamerandme365 said...

I certainly will Dorothy, but I ran out of blue thread shortly after I took the photo and will have to wait until tomorrow to get some more. Not far to go with the quilting though.