Thursday, 14 August 2014

Who Knew.

We had an enormous tree fern growing right up against a window that over the years had
managed to grow right up over the roof line. Not only was it blocking the light from the room behind the window, but the hot summer sun routinely burnt off all the fronds that were so high up.
 We were aware that you could make these ferns shorter by cutting off the top and replanting it, so this week we took courage in both hands and chopped the trunk in half, discarding the lower half.

What a surprise, the cross section of the trunk showed this amazing pattern, not really symmetrical but almost. I do hope that the replanted top of the fern grows again, so far so good!


Mary said...

What a gorgeous pattern!! Will it grow up again too? We had some tree ferns at Warburton but the last very hot summer destroyed them, it is definitely getting hotter and dryer.

Anonymous said...

That's gorgeous sue and look it knows it gorgeous becaus eit is saying WOW... acnd you see that?

mycamerandme365 said...

No, I don't think that the end bit will grow again Mary. In fact I know that particular one won't was we discarded it.

Yes, I can see the WOW now that you mention it Dorothy, though I hadn't noticed it before.